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A home is where we search for efficiency and comfort in our lively pattern. After a hectic day outside, we want that necessary warmth in our home. Among these, the rightful functioning of appliances is a prominent need when discussing a maintained and facilitated home. But due to the appliance's extreme usage, they become a hassle in the long run. To avoid any inconvenience in the long run of appliances, Upworx offer best in class Appliance repair service in Kanpur.
With the engulfing source of the modern pattern, ruining any plumbing or carpentry work is not a big deal. So, this is the right time for you to rely upon Upworx, the most desirable door-to-door Handyman service provider in Kanpur. We have infused several satiating services that cover a wide range of our consumer's needs.Let's delve into the specifics of what we offer and how it can bring you fitting results. We've been demonstrating our capabilities across various cities in India; here, we'll focus on the proficiently executed offerings in Kanpur.

Appliance Repair Services

Appliance repair service get certified remarks when the feedback comes with notable approaches. Here, numerous genuine clients have highlighted our commitment to a wide range of activities, showcasing determined values and proficient working techniques. AC Repairing Our most dominant preference after coming back to home after a hectic day is a chilled room with the convenient functionality of the Air Conditioner. But due to excessive usage, the conditioner may lose its vibrancy. Here we can serve you as the most prolific AC Repair Service Kanpur, who will take care of all the accumulation and the washing of the AC Plates. Along with this, common cooling issues will be handled by our experts.

Refrigerator repairing

There are various reasons why refrigerators may get damaged. Book Fridge Repair Online in Kanpur to get our experienced professionals who will inspect and rectify the fridge. Get rid of water leaks and other problematic noises in no time.

Washing machine repairing

The quality parts of the washing machines sometimes fluctuate due to major usage. So, prefer our Washing Machine Service Kanpur to diagnose the actual problem, and the repairs also can be done at an affordable rate at your home only.

TV Repairing

One of the essential sources of entertainment is the TV in our home. So, to not miss your favourite shows, the damages must be fixed by the LED TV Repair Service Kanpur. With Upworx, you can access numerous attractive deals where experts will authentically handle your repair needs. Furthermore, your appliances will operate with a focus on long-lasting performance.

Computer repairing

Working people have the potential idea of how important is a computer in our life. The defective sources in the application may hamper appliance efficiency. So go for Computer Repair Services Kanpur, where the workers can notify the issue and will resurrect them in no time.Our team ensures the maintenance of your device and is adept at installing specific systems to enhance speed and performance.

Security System Services

Nowadays, it is crucial to safeguard your encircle to get rid of burglary and other dangerous risks.To embrace this concept, we're here to offer you CCTV & Security System Installation Kanpur support with a comprehensive quality perspective from all sides.

Our reliable professionals will install the cameras in the exact locations as per your preferences.
Handyman services

If your home needs small repairs and thorough detailing, then Leading Handyman Services in Kanpur can be your ultimate option. Here is a vast range of work initiated by our Upworx team, offering the best Handyman expertise. A wide variety of projects are handled by the handyman professionals, ranging from small machine repairs to organizing attics. Some of the proficient deliveries of the Handyman include


We are known for giving the Best Carpenter Service in Kanpur to secure the best results for you. The skilled carpenter will repair and do the needful changes to home furniture, cabinets, doors, etc. The professional carpenters will interpret blueprints. They will build projects and other workable themes to deliver best results.


An appealing Handyman will provide ingenious plumbing maintenance right at your doorstep. The following work will include toilet replacement, faucet repair, pipe installation and much more. You don't have to worry about the equipment either, as Upworx comes with all essential facilities. Thus, we can ensure you will get the best Plumbing Service in Kanpur.


Our Electrical Work is well approached by several people due to our qualitative Best Electrician Service in Kanpur. Explore our diverse range of home offerings available at an affordable range.They can legally do the replacement work, electrical fitting changes, repair and install plugs, sockets and lights as per your convenience. Interior and exterior electrical linings will be channelized efficiently by the workers without any kind of inconvenience.

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