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Washing Machine Repair & Service cost in Kanpur

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  • The Visit & Diagnosis charge is Rs 100. That is applicable only if the service is denied by the customer after the serviceman's visit to the service location.
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What do we offer?


  • Technicians, having work experience of more than three years.
  • Get washing machine repair done from the hands of certified and well-trained technicians.
  • Provide easy washing machine service for any model of any company such as LG, Usha, Whirlpool, etc.
  • Get the best washing machine repair to solve all the problems such as washer drain, washer door jammed, foul smell, spinning problem, noisy device, etc.
  • Technicians, backgrounds verified and specially trained by Upworx to provide quality washing machine service.
  • Provide original spare parts of all companies such as LG, Usha, Whirlpool, etc.
  • Get the best doorstep services ever.
  • 100% timely delivery of services.
Washing Machine repair service
How does it work?
Service Selection
Service Selection

Choose the correct technical option that fulfills your particular requirements.


Select your desired time and place for the needed assistance.

Hassle-free Service
Hassle-free Service

The professional arrives at the location and provides hassle-free assistance.



Appliance Repair
Work Warranty

Receive a post-repair work warranty lasting up to 30 days on all our offerings. If any issues arise with the provided assistance, feel free to reach out for a hassle-free revisit, no questions asked.

Work Insurance

Enjoy the work insurance of a pre-defined amount for a definite period on all our Solutions.

Experienced and Well-Trained Professionals

Our professionals are experts in his work field. They not only complete their assigned work on time but also do it as per customer satisfaction.

Verified and Trusted Professionals

We've thoroughly verified the trustworthiness of all our professionals. They perform their duties honestly.

24x7 Customer Support

We are always there for your assistance and guidance. You can contact us at any time for help and support.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take a close look at every aspect tied to your needs, ensuring meticulous management for your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver assistance that exceeds your expectations, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

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Best Washing Machine Service in Kanpur

Best Washing Machine Repair in Kanpur

Upworx is a reliable service provider of Washing Machine Repair in Kanpur. We understand the importance of washing machines in households and deliver high-quality repair and maintenance services at affordable prices. At Upworx, we have a team of knowledgeable and trained technicians who have an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of washing machines. Whether you have a top-load model or a front-load model, our certified technicians can fix the issues of all types of washing machines. Book your appointment and get quality work.

Common Issues of Washing Machines

Upworx is a trusted washing machine repair service provider that specializes in resolving a variety of issues. You can rely on our solutions to resolve common washing machine issues like spinning problems, abnormal sounds, starting problems, draining issues, motor problems, water leakage, and more. Our experts have a good understanding of the underlying causes of these issues. So we can get your washing machine fixed in less time. No matter which brand of washing machine you have, Upworx guarantees reliable service.

Services We Provide

The need for washing machines has increased in every home. In hectic schedules, people do not get the time to clean their clothes manually. So, the use of washing machines is growing. Any problem with the washing machine can give rise to tension among people. That is exactly where our Washing Machine Service in Kanpur comes to help. We help you get the home appliance back in working condition and enable you to become stress-free. Upworx provides a wide range of washing machine repair services to customers. Here are the common services we offer.

Washing Machine Installation

Installing a washing machine demands following the right steps to ensure it is done in the right way. Any error in the installation is likely to affect the functioning of the appliance. It may even lead to potential damage to the expensive appliance. At Upworx, our washing machine service includes proper installation. Our certified technicians follow the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure that the washing machine is installed correctly. Apart from installing the machine, our professionals will also provide you with helpful advice on using and taking care of the washing machine for better functionality.

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine issues are common. Especially if you use them regularly, the chances of problems are even higher. Irrespective of the type of problem, we can provide you with the best repair solutions at reasonable prices. The professional experts at Upworx have years of experience in the field and can easily determine the exact problem. We focus on repairing your washing machine faster and saving you from the additional workload. In case of any issues, connect with us, and we will reach out to you at the earliest.

Washing Machine Service

Washing machines require complete cleaning at regular intervals. If not maintained properly, there are chances of costly damages and breakdowns. To avoid such issues, make sure to hire professionals and get your washing machine serviced. We provide top-notch washing machine service to clients at a reasonable cost. Regular servicing will not only prevent major and costly breakdowns of the machines but also help lower your electricity bills. Opt for our services and increase your savings in the long run. Our experts know the parts that require proper cleaning and maintenance and deliver the best services. An increase in the durability of the washing machine is also an assurance when you avail of the Washing Machine service.  

Contact Us Today!

Are you in search of high-quality and reliable Washing Machine Repair or Service in Kanpur? If yes, your search ends here! We are a leading provider of comprehensive washing machine repair services to clients. With extensive years of experience and expertise in the industry, we are capable of delivering flawless solutions to customers. From repair to maintenance service, we are a one-stop solution for all your needs. We provide a service warranty of 30 days along with insurance of 10k having a validity of 30 days. Any issue with your washing machine within 30 days of availing of our services will be covered in the warranty. So, connect with our technicians today and discuss your Washing Machine Repair Requirement in Kanpur!

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How often should I clean my washing machine?

Why is my washing machine not draining water?

A clogged drain pump or hose, a faulty lid switch, or a blocked lint filter could be causing this issue. Check for obstructions and ensure proper connections

How quickly can your team respond to service requests?

We are always ready to respond immediately and Our Working Professionals reach the destination point as quickly as possible for fixing service issues.

Can I schedule a service appointment at a specific time?

Yes, you can schedule a preferred service time, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

How to book a slot for a Washing-machine service on your website?

For booking a Washing-machine service, you have to follow the simple steps given below :
(i) Select City
(ii) Select Washing-machine service and proceed to book
(iii) Schedule Service and confirm booking
(iv) Get the hassle-free Service

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