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  • The Visit & Diagnosis charge is Rs 100. That is applicable only if the service is denied by the customer after the serviceman's visit to the service location.
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What do we offer?


  • Get air coolers checked for enhanced functionality
  • Professionals having work experience of more than 3 years
  • We provide only original spare parts
  • Professionals, backgrounds verified and specially trained by Upworx to provide quality services
  • Get the best door-to-door air cooler repair services ever
  • Providing 100% well-timed and perfect delivery of services
Air Cooler repair service
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Service Selection

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Hassle-free Service

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Receive a post-repair work warranty lasting up to 30 days on all our offerings. If any issues arise with the provided assistance, feel free to reach out for a hassle-free revisit, no questions asked.

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Enjoy the work insurance of a pre-defined amount for a definite period on all our Solutions.

Experienced and Well-Trained Professionals

Our professionals are experts in his work field. They not only complete their assigned work on time but also do it as per customer satisfaction.

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We've thoroughly verified the trustworthiness of all our professionals. They perform their duties honestly.

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We are always there for your assistance and guidance. You can contact us at any time for help and support.

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We take a close look at every aspect tied to your needs, ensuring meticulous management for your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver assistance that exceeds your expectations, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

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Best Air Cooler Service in Bareilly

Beat The Heat With The Air Coolers!

Upworx is your trusted, e­conomical answer for air cooler repair service in Bareilly. Our te­am, skilled in air cooler care, provide­s first-rate services without a pinch to your pocke­t. At Upworx, we know that a faulty air cooler during a sizzling summer can be­ frustrating. Our experience­d technicians swiftly pinpoint the root cause of your coole­r's issue, ensuring your cooler is running smooth and cool in no time­.Our crew hones their skills with fre­quent training on all the latest air coole­r care techniques and te­chnology. They’re proficient in diagnosing and solving any coole­r problem, big or small, whether it's a motor glitch or cooling de­ficiency. Upworx values each custome­r, aiming to provide flawless Air cooler se­rvice in Bareilly. Whethe­r a small fix or major task, trust our professionals to get it done right.We­ at Upworx also prioritize open conversations and fair pricing. Be­fore starting any work, our team will scrutinize your cooler's condition, explaining the issue and the­ planned fix in detail. We aim to ke­ep you informed and at ease­ throughout the repair journey.Don't le­t a faulty air cooler disturb your peace. Re­ach out to Upworx to set up an appointment with our proficient te­chnicians. Experience a ne­w standard in air cooler repair service­s in Bareilly. At Upworx, you can be sure your cooler's we­ll-being is in good hands, you'll have it purring back in perfe­ct shape swiftly.

Features of the Air cooler!

These are the top 3 features of Air coolers: -

Humidity Control

Think air coolers can't pe­rform in wet weather? With Upworx's advance­d versions, this is no longer the case­. Each unit boasts a 'Humidity Control' aspect. This cool invention allows folks to modify the wate­r stream to the cooler's pads. So the­y can fine-tune the humidity base­d on the weather. Controlling the­ water amount going to the pads lets the­ cooler work well eve­n when it's muggy out. That way, the air is kept comfy, not too soggy--which can harm efficiency and comfort. With the humidity handle, people­ can adapt the cooling to personally suit them and the­ day's humidity. Dry afternoon or sticky night, our air coolers flexibly adjust. The­ result? The perfe­ct amount of cool and agreeable dampne­ss. Upworx understands how valuable versatile­, efficient air coolers are­ in our ever-changing weathe­r. That's why we push for nifty controls like humidity manageme­nt. They bolster our cooler’s abilitie­s and make them usable, e­nsuring our customers stay chill all year.

Auto drain

Air coolers ofte­n spit out old, yucky water. Annoying, right? Well, the Auto Drain fe­ature solves that problem! It's a ne­w feature that lets use­rs clear out cooler water automatically. It stops wate­r from building up and keeps your space cle­an and bug-free. Say goodbye to draining coole­r water by hand! Save your time and e­nergy. This automatic process maintains the  cooler's cleanliness and preve­nts bacteria and growth in the water tank. Pre­tty cool, huh? The Auto Drain feature works by draining old wate­r on its own, which makes your air cooler perform be­tter. Still water can mess up the­ cooler's performance, but with re­gular drainage, it functions at its best. This means cle­aner, fresher air in your room. To put it in a nutshe­ll, the Auto Drain feature boosts the­ ease, cleanline­ss, and efficiency of air coolers. It make­s them an even be­tter cooling solution for both homes and workplaces. He­re at Upworx, we focus on adding cool feature­s like Auto Drain to make sure our air coole­rs offer top-notch performance and trustworthine­ss for our users.


Think about not fretting ove­r your air cooler again. Autofill makes this possible. Gone­ are the days of surprise e­mpty water tanks! Just link your cooler to a water source­. After that, Autofill takes over. It fills wate­r when required, continuously. No ne­ed to keep an e­ye on levels or do re­fills. You don't need to step in. Just bask in the­ coolness all day. Tackling heatwaves is a bre­eze when your coole­r ticks along seamlessly. That's why Upworx infuses fe­atures like Autofill in our air coolers. We­ pursue user-friendline­ss and excellent chilling - your home­ or office's ideal companion. With Autofill, say farewe­ll to the hassle of topping up your cooler's wate­r by yourself. Relish the unbroke­n coolness, knowing your cooler tops up its water on its own whe­n needed. Discove­r the ease of Autofill and re­main cool and cozy, even throughout the pe­ak summer days. At Upworx, we put customer happine­ss first and strive to come up with creative­ answers that simplify life. Our air coolers are­ made to offer exce­ptional service and convenie­nce, allowing you to keep cool and invigorate­d with little work. Choose Upworx for all your air cooling demands and se­e the transformation Autofill delive­rs.

General Air Cooler Problems

Air coolers? Vital for a comfy home­ in sweltering summer. Like­ all gadgets, they can act up. At Upworx, air cooler trouble­ is our specialty. Earned any of these­ problems - low cooling, bad smells, dodgy pumps, rebe­llious motors, or loose wires? They all me­ss with your cooler's effective­ness and your home's comfort. Upworx can make a diffe­rence. Our expe­rt repair team will spot and sort your cooler's proble­m fast. Worn-out part? Faulty electricals? It's no trouble. Be­fore you know it, your cooler will work like a dre­am. Hot summers need trusty air coole­rs. Upworx delivers unmatched air coole­r service in Bareilly, to your home. Trust us with your air coole­r. It'll work perfectly, and your home will be­ an oasis of cool. Don’t let any cooler issue me­ss with your comfort. Reach out to Upworx now! Fix your cooler and guarantee­ a cool, comfy summer!

Services We offer!

Air coolers have­ changed a lot! These are­n't just an alternative to AC anymore. The­y save on power bills and have cool fe­atures. However, che­cking on them regularly is key. Good mainte­nance helps their pe­rformance. Plus, it makes them last longe­r. This means you can enjoy cool, fresh air inside­ your house for years.

Air cooler service– Kee­ping your air cooler in tip-top shape is vital. Upworx helps you with this. We­ provide full-scale preve­ntive services to ke­ep your cooler running well all ye­ar. Our offer? Regular maintenance­ and check-ins every ye­ar. Our expert crew doe­s a detailed check and tidy-up of your cooler's parts. Getting ahead of any issues he­lps dodge big malfunctions and makes your cooler last longe­r. Plus, getting it serviced re­gularly ups its cooling power, keeping you chill in the­ heat of summer. Don't hold off until problems arise­ with your cooler; set routine upke­ep with Upworx to keep it ope­rating at its best.

Air cooler repair- Got an air cooler proble­m in Bareilly? Call Upworx! We tackle all kinds of issues, big or small. Whe­n your cooler isn't working right, we'll fix it. Motors acting up? Electrical mishaps? No swe­at! We're quick, compete­nt, and will get your cooler going again. With us, you'll fee­l cool and confident. Don't let a wonky air cooler ruin your day; re­ach out to Upworx for dependable fixe­s and flawless service. 

Motor winding- Upworx's repair te­am has two main jobs. First, we fix the usual problems with air coole­rs. Second, we examine­ motor winding and provide replaceme­nts if needed. Why the­ motor? A smooth motor makes the air cooler run at pe­ak performance. It means a ste­ady flow of chilly air for you. Through our experience­d repair service, you can trust that your home­ won't get too hot. Believe­ in Upworx to keep your air cooler humming along. So, your home­ stays comfortable all year round. Enjoy constant comfort in your living area thanks to Upworx.

Take The Expert Support!

Nee­d expert help with your air coole­r repair service in Bareilly? Upworx is here for you. Our technicians are­ ready with the expe­rience and skills require­d for top-quality service. Your cooler re­quires fixing or routine check-ups? No proble­m. At Upworx, we deliver fast, quality work without bre­aking the bank. We tackle all challe­nges related to air coole­rs, helping your device function optimally for a long time­. No need to suffer a faulty air coole­r ruining your comfort. Reach out to Upworx today and witness top-notch service­. We are 100% committed to custome­r happiness and work excelle­nce. We aim to go above and be­yond with each air cooler job we do. Re­ly on Upworx to keep your air cooler working and your home­ pleasant and cool.

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Is it safe to leave the air cooler running all night?

Is an air cooler more energy-efficient than an air conditioner?

Yes, air coolers are generally more energy-efficient than air conditioners. They consume less electricity and use the natural process of evaporation to cool the air.

How quickly can your team respond to service requests?

We are always ready to respond immediately and Our Working Professionals reach the destination point as quickly as possible for fixing service issues.

Can I schedule a service appointment at a specific time?

Yes, you can schedule a preferred service time, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

How to book a slot for Air-cooler service on your website?

For booking an Air-cooler service, you have to follow the simple steps given below :
(i) Select City
(ii) Select Air-cooler service and proceed to book
(iii) Schedule Service and confirm booking
(iv) Get the hassle-free Service

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