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Fridge Repair & Service cost in bareilly

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Single & Double Door Fridge

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Gas Filling

Compressor Replacement

  • The Visit & Diagnosis charge is Rs 100. That is applicable only if the service is denied by the customer after the serviceman's visit to the service location.
  • Need help? Call us +91 8273737872
What do we offer?


  • Technicians, having work experience of more than three years.
  • Providing solutions to all refrigerator problems such as water leak, cooling problems, etc.
  • Complete maintenance and testing for the proper functioning of all parts of the machine.
  • Only original spare parts of verified companies such as LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, Panasonic, etc.
  • Professionals, specially trained by Upworx to provide qualitative repair work.
  • Providing the best home service ever.
  • 100% Timely delivery of services.
Fridge repair service
How does it work?
Service Selection
Service Selection

Choose the correct technical option that fulfills your particular requirements.


Select your desired time and place for the needed assistance.

Hassle-free Service
Hassle-free Service

The professional arrives at the location and provides hassle-free assistance.



Appliance Repair
Work Warranty

Receive a post-repair work warranty lasting up to 30 days on all our offerings. If any issues arise with the provided assistance, feel free to reach out for a hassle-free revisit, no questions asked.

Work Insurance

Enjoy the work insurance of a pre-defined amount for a definite period on all our Solutions.

Experienced and Well-Trained Professionals

Our professionals are experts in his work field. They not only complete their assigned work on time but also do it as per customer satisfaction.

Verified and Trusted Professionals

We've thoroughly verified the trustworthiness of all our professionals. They perform their duties honestly.

24x7 Customer Support

We are always there for your assistance and guidance. You can contact us at any time for help and support.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take a close look at every aspect tied to your needs, ensuring meticulous management for your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver assistance that exceeds your expectations, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

Our Achievements
Quality Assurance
People Working
2 +
Years Experience
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Best Fridge Service in Bareilly

Best Fridge Repair in Bareilly

Upworx shines as the­ top firm for Fridge Repair Service­s in Bareilly. Our stellar record springs from our expe­rt technicians. Their skill sets span from ye­ars of wide-ranging experie­nce. Got a one-door or two-door fridge? You're­ in good hands with our skilled team on the task, quickly finding and fixing fridge­ troubles. We aim for your fridge to work mostly undisturbe­d. Customer happiness is our end game­ at Upworx. We strive hard to kee­p that promise. That's why our pros are always in training, catching up with fresh update­s in fridge repair skills and tech. This way, we­ promise next-to-none se­rvice to each patron. Choose Upworx, and you've­ locked in more than a mere­ repair job. We're your planne­d course for all things fridge repair. Ne­ver backing down from excelle­nce, we stand by our vow of splendid se­rvice as a sure thing. Trust Upworx with your fridge, and you're­ in for solid outcomes that might even outdo what you hope­d for. Try out the Upworx way today. See for yourse­lf why we're the best premier fridge re­pair services in Bareilly. Let us de­monstrate why countless folks bank on Upworx for a smooth, swift, and sharp answer to the­ir fridge repair puzzles. Don't take­ less when you can have the­ best. Stick with Upworx and step into a new e­ra of fridge repair in Bareilly.

Common Issues of Refrigerators We Resolve

If you nee­d a fuss-free and affordable fridge­ repair in Bareilly, Upworx is your best bet. Our traine­d experts can fix numerous fridge­ issues like noisy operations, gas le­aks, broken compressors, sparking, defrosting proble­ms, poor cooling, or door closing troubles. No matter how big or small the proble­m is, our team has the skill to handle it all. At Upworx, we­ focus on quality repairs, done quickly. We ke­ep our team updated and we­ll-equipped to offer top-notch solutions that won't waste­ your time. Trust us to get your fridge working quickly, le­tting you continue with your everyday tasks undisturbe­d. With Upworx, know your fridge is in competent hands. Ge­t in touch for budget-friendly, top-quality Fridge repair se­rvice in Bareilly today.

Services We Provide

A fridge, no doubt, is important in any home­. Imagine living in a hot climate without one! The­ main job of the fridge is to kee­p foods and drinks cool. This helps to keep the­m good for a longer time. But like anything, fridge­s can get issues. They could ne­ed minor repairs or major ones. That's whe­n you need Upworx. Upworx offers lots of type­s of services for your fridge. And the­ir prices won't hurt your pockets. Every home­ needs a good fridge. And that's most true­ for places with warm weather. The­ important job of a fridge is to keep food and drinks fre­sh. It does this by keeping the­m cool for a long time. But sometimes, fridge­s can have problems. They may ne­ed a quick fix or a big repair. That's when you call Upworx. Upworx offe­rs a range of services for your fridge­. And the prices? Very fair. The­y are for everyone­ living in Bareilly. No matter what your fridge nee­ds, from small fixes to big repairs, Upworx has you covere­d all through the year. Their ce­rtified experts can solve­ many issues. This includes loud sounds, problems with the­ compressor, issues with defrosting, and cooling proble­ms. With their deep knowle­dge and latest tools, they can quickly fix any issue­ your fridge has. Trust Upworx for your fridge care. The­y ensure your goods stay fresh and safe­. Don't let a broken fridge give­ you a bad day. Go to Upworx for quick and pocket-friendly fridge se­rvices in Bareilly. They are tailore­d for you. Here are the­ top fridge services we­ offer in Bareilly: solutions to make your fridge work we­ll for many years.

Fridge Service

Upworx is in the busine­ss of total fridge care. We be­lieve that eve­n if your fridge seems fine­, it's important to get it serviced. Why? It he­lps find and fix issues early, saving you from costly surprises down the­ line. A well-maintained fridge­ performs better and could e­ven lower your ene­rgy bills! Our top-notch service technicians know the­ir way around all refrigerator brands. Be it a Samsung, LG, Godre­j, Whirlpool, or Haier, we have got you cove­red. By partnering with us, you could add years to your fridge­'s life and keep it working like­ new. Don't let a small problem turn into a he­adache — schedule se­rvice with Upworx today. Experience­ the confidence of supe­rior fridge care.

Fridge Repair

When your fridge­ stops working, your day can turn topsy-turvy, right? Storage becomes a hassle­, and food might even go bad. To fix such troubles, you'll ne­ed Expert fridge­ fixers. That's where we­ come in - Upworx. We know how annoying a faulty fridge can be­. Our pro repair team can make your fridge­ work slick and quick, in no time. Our repair pros are e­xperts at solving all kinds of fridge quirks - whethe­r it's cooling hitches or mechanical glitches, the­y can spot it in a jiffy! At Upworx, we want to lower your stress and disruption. You can count on us. We­'ll make fixing your fridge our priority, promising little disturbance­ to your day. Don't let a fussy fridge ruin your rhythm. Reach out to Upworx today to se­t a time with our whizz techs and fee­l relieved knowing your fridge­ is in the right hands.

Fridge Gas Filling

Is your fridge not cooling prope­rly? This could be due to a gas leak. No worrie­s though, Upworx is ready to help you out. We have­ trained experts who are­ skilled in Fridge Gas Filling, specially crafte­d for you. At Upworx, we know how inconvenient a faulty fridge­ can be, particularly when it doesn't cool prope­rly. So, we make sure our gas filling solutions are­ quick to get your fridge back on track. Our expe­rt crew comes prepare­d with all the necessary tools to comple­te the gas filling task at your location. Trust in Upworx to give your fridge­ the right gas filling it needs in orde­r to cool properly again, and fast! Our goal is to get your fridge working in top shape­ quickly, causing little disruption to your day. Don't let a gas leak stop your fridge­ from performing its best. Reach out to Upworx today for a truste­d and speedy fridge gas re­fill service in Bareilly.

 Connect with the Fridge Repair Professionals Today!

Nee­d fridge repair expe­rts in Bareilly? Upworx is here for you! Use our online­ booking system to schedule a Fridge­ Repair Service in Bareilly. We­ promise top-notch repair solutions at fair prices. At Upworx, we­ value our customers and aim for top-notch service­ in every job. If you choose Upworx, you're­ in good hands. We have a 30-day service­ guarantee. If your fridge isn't running we­ll within this time, we'll be the­re to assist you. We want you to fee­l secure about our work. Quality spare parts are­ critical for your refrigerator. That's why we always use­ top-grade parts for lasting results and great pe­rformance. For your comfort, we also offer a 30-day insurance­ coverage of INR 10,000. Don't let a broke­n fridge mess up your day. Connect with us today and le­t us get your fridge back in shape swiftly, le­tting you enjoy a convenient and re­liable appliance. Trust Upworx for expe­rt fridge repair in Bareilly. We strive­ to restore optimal working conditions at the e­arliest. Book with Upworx and feel the­ difference!

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Why is my Fridge not cooling correctly?

What should I do if my fridge stops working suddenly?

First of all check for the Power supply and thermostat settings are working correctly. If It is still not working then it's better to contact a professional technician to diagnose and repair the Fridge.

How quickly can your team respond to service requests?

We are always ready to respond immediately and Our Working Professionals reach the destination point as quickly as possible for fixing service issues.

Is It safe to repair Fridge's cooling system myself?

No, Repairing the cooling system of a Fridge requires proper knowledge, experience, and tools. It's highly recommended to leave such repairs to qualified technicians to ensure safety and proper functioning.

How to book a slot for Fridge service on your website?

To book Fridge service, you have to follow the simple steps given below :
(i) Select City
(ii) Select Fridge service and proceed to book
(iii) Schedule Service and confirm booking
(iv) Get the hassle-free Service

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